SWS have internationally trained instructors (male and female) that come straight from the entertainment industry. We provide high quality performing arts training to every one of our students recreational as well as competitive. SWS offers recreational dance classes ages 1 through to adult, in Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Lyrical, Acro, Hip Hop, Break-dance, Ballroom, Musical Theatre, and more! Our competitive dance classes range from ages 5 to 18yrs.
At Step with Style competitive dance is a full triple threat program that includes all dance, vocal and drama classes! Our recreational program has something for everyone in the family! There is even Mom and Tot Dancercise, and Beginner Adult Dancercise, Jazz, Tap, Hip Hop and Ballroom for the adults wanting to join in the fun!

SWS BalletBallet
Ballet is the foundation from which all dancers should build. Working on turnout, strength, grace, and poise, Ballet teaches the body proper placement. It is the most disciplined form of dance and the most respected. Every dancer with a proper ballet base is guaranteed to improve in all forms of dance.

SWS TapTap
Tap teaches students to take time and listen. It is all about creating music with different rhythms and sounds. The musical techniques taught in a tap class go on to help in all other dance classes. Students who take tap class are more apt to be aware of the music they are dancing to, which allows them to always be in time with the music. Take tap and find out how much fun it is to create your own music!

SWS JazzJazz
Jazz takes the technique from ballet and adds style, like Broadway, Funk, Disco, Swing, Street Jazz and more! Working on flexibility, kicks, jumps and turns. Jazz helps young dancers test their skills at different types of movement: sharp and fast, soft and slow. Jazz is performed to fun, lively music and is the next class recommended for a student’s program following ballet.

SWS Hip HopHip Hop
Hip Hop is the latest craze in the dance world. It is performed to current music and has a style that is all its own! Hip Hop combines coordination, timing, and music video moves! Class begins with a cardio warm up and ends with a dance routine. Working on the techniques of locking, popping and gliding, Hip Hop is a form of dance all students love!

SWS Lyrical Contemporary


Contemporary is currently the most popular genre of dance. Using ballet and modern techniques with lyrical story lines. These elements fused together, have created an artistic and appreciated form of dance that reaches out to all audience members. Striving to connect the mind and the body through fluid dance movements contemporary dance is a wonderful addition to your dancers training!

SWS BreakdanceBreakdance
Break-dance is an awesome class to take! Break-dance works on the techniques of locking, popping and gliding as well as tricks like balances, break freezes, and freestyle/improv dance. (Hip Hop class is a great class to take along with Break-dance as it will improve the coordination skills needed for Break-dance choreography.) Come and break it on down with us!

SWS AcroAcro
Acro is a unique form of dance that is art in motion. Acrobatic presentation resembles the floor work of gymnastics. This graceful dance technique focuses on flexibility, strength and control, and is taught to contemporary music. Acro goes on to improve all other dance forms because of the strong center of balance it instills in students’ bodies. Tumble your way into acro today!

SWS StretchStretch
What is your body capable of? Take a stretch class and find out! Stretch is extremely important to a young dancer’s physical development. Working on agility, balance, as well as strength, Stretch class enhances improvement. (As the more agile and body aware students are, new steps will come easier to them.) Correct positioning when stretching is vital to increase a student’s flexibility. This will be taught and counteracted with strengthening exercises, as it is a must to be equally as strong as you are flexible.

SWS Parent & TotParent And Tot
Parent and Tot Dancercise is the best way to introduce your young tot to the dance class atmosphere, while allowing mom , dad or grandparent to stay active alongside their little ones! During this class mom and tots both will explore making different shapes with their bodies, learn stretches together, work on hearing different rhythms, and learn the fundamentals of body movement. Join our Parent and Tot Dancercise today with your little one and see how much fun it is!

SWS PartneringPartnering
Step with Style is known for it’s well rounded triple threat programs, cutting edge choreography, innovative ideas and our experienced and professional faculty. SWS has an unbelievable boys program including private partnering/adagio classes that are taught by both male and female instructors that have been trained specifically for this technique. SWS provides both male and female students with the knowledge and foundation for great technique as well as partnering skills