Vocal Director

SWS Vocal Instructor Dimitri Machnine
Deemed by many professionals to be the most effective vocal coach in Durham Region, Dmitri has been instrumental in helping countless singers to achieve their vocal dreams and realize their full potential.Originating from Moscow (Russia), Dmitri has a rich history as a performer as well as a teacher.

From the age of 7, he has passed the auditions to become a member of a well known Children’s Choir. At the age of 8, he became its soloist. Started travel nationally at 9 years of age, and internationally at 10. Before the age of 16, Dmitri travelled as soloist in over 23 countries, singing before audiences all over the world. He has performed as well before Soviet dignitaries, including Brezshnev and Gorbachev. In 1980′s Dmitri’s voice could be heard daily on state-run radio.

Dmitri works with singers of all levels and styles, from pro’s to absolute beginners. Having studied with the top vocal instructors of the world and being examined by them yearly, Dmitri’s continues to sharpen his craft which in turn leads to faster results for his clientele. He’s also known for helping singers to get over their fear of performing in front of other people.

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“My greatest joy is to see my students succeed.”- Dmitri Machnine