Tamara Freethy is a well known dancer choreographer and instructor in the dance industry. Her style as well as technical ability, have made her an outstanding performer as well as a brilliant instructor/choreographer.

Tamara’s training has included some of the top instructors in Ontario. She began her training with Theatre Dance Academy. A few years later she made the next step in her career and trained at Vlads Dance Company. It was at V.D.C. that she had the opportunity to train under the direction of Vlad Novitski, Amanda Coatham, Sasha Chifman, Linda Garneau, Aly Niznik and many more! Tamara also trained as a part of the Brockville Thrill Dancers and TJ’s Dance Troop.

While taking the dance program at B.H.S. Tamara was the only grade nine student to be asked to perform in the year end recital show, a tribute to her great talents at such a young age! Within this program Tamara spent much of her time focusing on the aspects of her choreographic talents. Later on she went on to choreograph award winning competitive routines for the Brockville Thrill Dancers!

As a competitive dancer Tamara has won the A.D.A. Junior Dancer of The Year 2004,
A.D.A. 1st runner up Teen Dancer of The Year 2005 as well as A.D.A. 3rd runner up Teen Dancer of The Year 2007. In 2006 Tamara was chosen as part of the Extreme Team 2006 at Foot Loose, and also won a $500 scholarship to the Be Discovered workshop in L.A. Tamara was honoured to achieve Top Soloist and Highest Mark Overall many times over in her solo categories.

Through the years Tamara has won not only awards, scholarships and titles, but has also won the recognition of being one of the most talented young performers to hit the stage at a competition today!

Tamara has enjoyed her time as an instructor for the Brockville Thrill Dancers as well as a substitute dance teacher for the dance program at B.H.S. where she was entrusted to teach both grade ten and eleven courses.

Over the years Tamara has been blessed with the chance to do what she loves, DANCE!
Tamara looks forward to being a part of other young dancers dreams and love for DANCE!