“I have had the incredible pleasure of teaching and choreographing on the dancers at Step With Style. Not only are they trained at an amazing high level of technique and movement, they are also trained to present themselves as professionals in training! Their positive attitudes, hunger for growth and work ethic is impressive to my highest demands!”

World Renowned Choreographer


“I had a wonderful time at SWS! Everyone was so welcoming, the students work hard and even the faculty are eager to learn new things. The Directors truly care about all of their students’ progress and it shows!”

Mandy Moore Guest Instructor
So You Think You Can Dance Choreographer


“It has been a long time since I have felt this kind of energy in the classroom!”

Twitch Guest Instructor
So you Think You Can Dance Finalist


“My daughter came to Mandy and Sasha with no self confidence and a shaky outlook on her continued education in dance after leaving one studio. After the first class, Mandy came and spoke to me and had all positive comments about what she saw and the one that struck me was, “I can’t wait to see her in 4 years”. I also have to note that the lack of self confidence was recognized by Mandy and Sasha right away and they started to correct it. Well, this is now the beginning of her 4th year at SWS and I am so impressed with what I see; a beautiful , confident young lady who’s style is maturing and becoming her own and technique/performance that has continued to improve with each year. The team spirit is incredible and all the extra’s like workshops, get together’s and studio parties bond these girls and boys for a lifetime. A big thank you to you Mandy and Sasha for your dedication, discipline and most of all love and caring. My daughter Steps with style”. xo”

Petual Hsu
Proud Parent


“Sasha and Mandy you both truly do inspire and motivate the students! I know personally my daughter is so glad to be part of the SWS team. She has improved in her own technique but more importantly has a good understanding of her own goals for growth and improvement. The open dialogue and problem solving approach that SWS creates is one of our families favorite things about Step with Style. Lessons like this provide life long learning that is just so wonderful. Thank you for teaching the students so much more than dance!”

Heather Mundy


“I am positive that training at SWS gave me the confidence and courage to pursue my dreams”

Kate Campbell-Professional Dancer
SWS First Graduate


“I had the pleasure of dancing under the amazing instructors at Step with Style. The owners and instructors made me feel at home and encouraged creativity in such a positive atmosphere! They all gave me the opportunity to achieve my goals as a dancer. Mandy and Sasha continuously go above and beyond everybody’s expectations, and entertain every audience member, at every show they produce. Nothing could make me more proud than to say, I was once a member of Step With Style”

Kaity Brown
Former Student


“This was a show like nothing else I’ve seen in our theatre. Fabulous lighting and effects, wonderful choreography and superb dancing! Congratulations”

Alan Tibbles
Manager of Oshawa Little Theatre