faq_comp_1Who is competition right for?

Our competitive program is not just for young students who want to become dancers, but for anyone who loves dance, loves to perform, loves to accomplish personal goals and wants to be a member of a T-E-A-M! The competitive season invites previous competitors, as well Recreational students that are ready to take the next step. Ages 5-18yrs may participate. For any young child that loves to dance and for any family looking to build good values and ethics in their children competitive dance is a great activity to join! View our awards and recognition info here.

faq_comp_2What can my child gain from being a part of the competitive team?

Competitive dance teaches students to have great work ethic! This not only helps them become the best dancer that they can possibly be, but also helps them become the best person they can be. Competitive dance teaches students to always look for new ways to improve which is a wonderful asset to have throughout life. Young dancers who compete often become leaders and goal makers. Competitive dancers learn how to be disciplined and focused, to be precise, to be professional, but most of all competitive dancers learn how to be team players. The support and teamwork skills the dancers learn and share create incredible friendships. Competitive dance improves self-esteem and self-confidence! At SWS the faculty shows students how they can surprise everyone with their accomplishments and how they can even surprise themselves! Students not only gain technical skills, but also self-respect, friendships and in the end memories that last a lifetime!

faq_comp_3What is the extent of commitment for the competitive program?

As a member of the SWS Competitive Break-dance Crew you are committed to dancing 1 day a week. As a member of Part Time or Novice group of the competitive team you are committed to dancing 2 days per week. As a member of our Advanced Competitive Team dancers are committed to dancing 3 days per week. Students must attend all mandatory classes for their program. Extra routines are available at request. These choreography sessions for extra competitive routines are held outside of the regular program class time. Too many absences (determined by the instructor and Artistic Directors) will result in a student not being permitted to compete. Our competitive team is committed to perform in their competitive showcase that runs every season in March/April and compete in a minimum of 4 competitions per season. These competitions will be held on the weekend and as close to our region as possible. All students recreational and competitive will also be a part of our year-end recital show. It is mandatory that all competitive students attend our summer dance camp that runs every season in August. This summer dance camp is full of amazing classes and learning opportunities, as guest instructors as well as Step with Style faculty members work hard to get our students into great physical condition before another competitive dance season starts in September!

faq_comp_4What is the cost of the competitive program?

Step with Style stands above the rest with their quality programs and amazing rates! Our Competitive students/team members receive 2-13 hours of classes per week depending on their program. These classes are taken with other competitive students ONLY and are kept small in size. Depending on which company your dancer is involved with monthly prices range from $90 – $335 taxes included- (approx $6.25 per class). There are NO mandatory choreography fees. If a family wishes to perform in extra competitive routines there is an additional one time fee that ranges from $100 – $350. These fees are for routines such as solos/small groups that are choreographed outside of regular class hours and are only given at the request of the family. (These routines are NOT mandatory.)

There is a one time registration fee of $30 due at the time of registration. This covers ALL administration costs throughout the season for the entire family.

Each family who has a son/daughter enrolled in the competitive program receives one FREE adult class and one FREE recreational class for a sibling.

The second competitive sibling receives a 25% discount on monthly fees! If a family has 3 children competing they pay full price for the first dancer, 25% off for the second dancer and 50% off for the third dancer.

Competitive team members receive FREE admission to all workshops that run from September to June. There are 2 – 4 workshops held throughout the season. We bring guest instructors from all over the world for workshops that cover everything from drama, stage combat, audition/presentation, improvisation, to and including all forms of dance. We at Step with Style give our students the well rounded performing arts education that each promising young artist deserves.
Parents should be aware that there are competition, and costume fees, all of which are kept to an absolute minimum. (This is standard and will depend on how many dance routines one has.) SWS does it’s best to reuse costumes whenever possible. When costumes are ordered or made by a seamstress prices range from $150 – $350 depending on size and make.

Step with Style’s competitive team is known for its outstanding year end performance! With professional choreographed lighting, beautiful theatre and incredible choreography this is a show you can’t miss! Ticket prices range from $15 – $35 -this is determined by venue expenses. These prices depend on the size of the theatres house, the theatre rental, lighting, program/ticket printing, insurance, staff costs etc. There are NO dress rehearsal fees!

We are thrilled to be able to offer opportunities to fundraise! SWS has a competitive parent Fundraising Committee in place. Fundraising is NOT mandatory however if you are interested it can help a great deal with the costs of competitive dance classes. ALL members are welcome to join!

For information about competitive fees/ which company your dancer would be a part of etc please book a meeting with the Artistic Director by calling the Office at 905-723-1133 or email our office manager at office@stepwithstyle.ca.

faq_comp_5How can my child become a part of the competitive team?

Any student interested in becoming a part of our competitive team must be auditioned. Auditions for our competitive team are held during the summer while students attend our summer open classes as well as the annual competitive assessment held the first week of September for all students new as well as previous. Provided the instructors feel that the student is ready and hardworking he/she will be placed in a group according to ability. All of our competitive dancers have a blast in class and we welcome all new comers with open arms! Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.