faq_rec_1What is Step with Style’s philosophy when it comes to the Recreational Level?

At Step with Style it is incredibly important to us to nurture our student’s talents to their fullest potential in a fun and positive learning environment. Each student is given the attention needed to reach their personal goals because our class sizes remain small. Our class sizes are kept small and all students no matter what their age or ability are EQUALLY important. We strive to run an organized and affordable recreational program that inspires and motivates dancers ages 1 to Adult to be the best they can be. Here at SWS we are a team, we are a family and we believe in providing the absolute BEST for our team and family.

faq_rec_2Why is our Recreational Faculty the BEST?

Our faculty is lead by Recreational Director- Susan Erwin. In order to provide the very BEST training and service to our Recreational Program Susan works tirelessly to ensure all classes are going well and your needs/concerns are tended to.

Not only does Step With Style employ only the finest instructors in the GTA we make sure they are all on the same page at all times. Consistency is key to providing excellent training. Regular staff meetings are held to ensure all instructors are using similar methods within the classroom. In these meetings faculty members discuss ideas and explore ways to help our students improve in a fun and positive learning environment. In addition to our faculty’s outstanding knowledge and expertise SWS has our instructors continue their training to be the BEST faculty possible.

It is mandatory at SWS that each and every Recreational faculty member attend the Annual E.L.D. Course (Educating Leaders of Dance) led by the Artistic Directors. This course is designed specifically with Recreational students in mind as their needs differ from that of a competitive dancer. This course refines teaching and communication skills. This, making our faculty #1 and dance at SWS an enjoyable experience for all students and parents!

faq_rec_3What is included in the recreational program?

Recreational classes are available for ages 1yr through to Adult in the styles of ballet, tap, jazz, lyrical, musical theatre, hip-hop, break-dance, mom & tot, Yoga, ballroom and more! View recreational schedules.

Each recreational dancer is involved in the dance classes that they have registered for. Each class gets to perform in our Recreational Teams incredible year end performance not once but TWICE! All dancers are involved in their class routine as well as the finale routine. This allows students more stage time for parents to enjoy with the cost of only one costume!

Throughout the dance season we have professionals / instructors from the industry come to our studio and share their knowledge and experience with our students via one day workshops.

Recreational Team members are welcome to attend any and all workshops that are put on by SWS at 25% off!
View our Upcoming Workshops.

There is NO fee for the dress rehearsal on stage before the year end performance! The Recreational Team puts on an outstanding year end show with professional lighting and includes routines performed by the faculty! SWS HAVE PARENTS IN MIND!

We know and appreciate that you are busy! SWS holds their dress rehearsal the week before the show during class time to avoid any extra driving. The Artistic Directors and Faculty watch every student’s progress through the year and at the recital our Most Improved Students are awarded with a trophy and more! View our Recreational Scholarship recipients.

There are also Summer programs for students to participate in-watch the website for more information about this as the year goes on! ALL recreational families are welcome to join our recreational fundraising committee if interested. This is not mandatory however can help a great deal in supplying the extra funds needed to participate in dance classes.
SWS is thrilled to have full time office staff available to you at both of our locations to assist you in any way they can!

faq_rec_4What is the cost of the recreational program?

Step with Style is very proud to have the Finest Recreational Program in the City! With unbeatable prices (classes start as low as $32.00 per month taxes included) and phenomenal instruction Step with Style works hard to provide the best dance education possible at a price that families can afford. You get more and pay less at SWS! On average classes at SWS are LONGER than the competition and prices are LOWER! If your dancer is taking more than one class, or you have multiple family members attending SWS, the discounts are incredible! Just view our price chart! View our recreational prices.

There is a one time registration fee of $30 due at the time of registration. This covers all administration costs throughout the entire season for the entire family.

A costume deposit for each dancer of $75 per class is due on October 1st with the balance due in May at the time of costume pick up. Recreational costume prices range from $60-$120 with the average being $85- this depends on the size and age of the dancer.

Purchasing year end photos is optional. Photo packages are available for recreational dancers-price depends on what the family chooses. View our recreational photos.

Year end recital tickets range from $15-$30 depending on venue expenses. The ticket prices depend on the size of the theatres house. There are NO dress rehearsal or choreography fees.

Purchasing a DVD of the year end show is optional. This DVD is available for purchase by DRC- an outside company. The price is decided by DRC and will be available on the order form. View our recreational videos.

To help with the costs families are always welcome to join the fundraising committee if they wish. For more information on this please see the front desk.

faq_rec_5How can my son/daughter transfer to the competitive level if they are currently training at the Recreational Level?

If your son/daughter is 9yrs or older they would come throughout the summer months to be assessed or attend the annual competitive assessment date in September to determine their level-view upcoming events for dates and times. Both Part Time and Advanced Competitive Programs are available for ages 6 and up.

*Families are always welcome and are encouraged to book an appointment with an Artistic Director to discuss your interest and all the options available to you and your family. To book an appointment, please see the Office Manager at the front desk. We welcome all new comers with open arms! Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

There truly is a level for everyone at SWS. Everyone is welcome to compete.